Today’s 5-minute Tarot Session

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follow site I’ve recently been using the cards to help focus during my writing sessions. It is very helpful, not to mention accurate! see url Here’s how I do each reading: 1-I say a prayer asking for clear, loving guidance. levitra originale italia 2-As I shuffle the cards, I ask questions such as: what is the energy behind each scene, what does the character need to learn, how is the best way for her/him to learn their lesson and what is the outcome if they learn the lesson. 3-I pull three cards, interpret each card according to the questions I’ve asked and then read the spread as a narrative. Sometimes it makes sense; other times I know the answer will come later when I need it. I keep the spread on my keyboard as I write to keep focused on the scene or task at hand. blue plus accutane My only motivation in sharing is that I hope it’s helpful!

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