New Book Lost in Whispers (Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series 3)

NewBookLostinWhispersThe dead are waiting and she’s ready for them. Amazon
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Praise for Book 3 in the Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series

source “The best book in the series so far!” “An eerie, absorbing journey.” “I could hardly put it down after starting it. This book had it all; romance, action, & paranormal activity. Can’t wait to see what Dori does next!”

The Dead Are Waiting

comprare viagra 50 mg online generico a Venezia Within the filth-smeared walls of a once grand estate, Detective Dori Orihuela just made the arrest of her career. But the moment she crosses the threshold, she senses there’s more than bad guys inside; an earthbound spirit is waiting.

prednisone 60 mg As she and her team gather evidence, an assassin springs out of nowhere. The ghost of a pregnant woman saves Dori’s life. As the detective returns home, she realizes that the ghost hasn’t just followed her home; it found its way inside her and takes her back in time to witness a life marked by shame.

Hiding Her Shame

go to link In 1942, Roslyn Snow arrives from Pearl Harbor to a bucolic estate that is now a maternity home where young pregnant women like her hide the shame of their unplanned pregnancies. Careful not to reveal her identity, she hides from the father of her unborn child. In doing so, she sees that this discreet hideaway is a prison in which some girls never escape.

A New Threat

vardenafil originale 20 mg dose raccomandata Disturbed by the visions of Roslyn’s life and the complications of career and family, Dori finds help from the unlikeliest of allies. But as she uses her gift to communicate with the dead, Dori is exposed to those who could destroy everything and everyone she loves. A gothic romance mystery that interwoven with magical realism, historical fiction, ghosts and family relationships, fans of Susanna Kearsley, Simone St. James and Heather Graham will discover a new series they’ll want to binge read late into the night!

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