Names I Call My Sister

namesicallmysister“Sisters share secrets, clothes and misdemeanors.

Sisters can be your best friends, and your worst …

Till Death Do Us Part, Mary Castillo: Dori and her sister Sela, live up to the name “those Wild Orihuela girls” at their brother’s wedding and it’s just what their future sister-in-law deserves.

Note: This collection also includes the following novellas!

What Stays in Vegas, Berta Platas: Anita has always counted on her dependable big sister. But now Susu is acting like the wild-child, and its Anita’s turn to be the responsible one.

Whipped, Sofia Quintero: Always ceding the spotlight to Jen, Michelle went and got a secret life. But now that Jen is running for office Michelle’s alter ego may be a secret no more.

Diss-Connected, Lynda Sandoval: If your sister can’t keep a secret than who can? As host of a popular radio show, Marisol can’t help but talk too much. But this time she let slip her seemingly quiet sister, Christy’s, darkest secret—on air.

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namesicallmysisterReaders Weigh In

“Till Death Do Us Part” by Mary Castillo was my favorite novella in the collection. Castillo’s treatment of the sister Dori and Sela made me laugh till I cried.”
— Victoria

“Names I Call My Sister is a beautifully written and bold collection of novellas. The sisters in each story are struggling to find themselves within each other’s strengths and weaknesses. An excellent choice for a book club.”
— Emily (Jefferson, GA)

“It’s an anthology worth reading, but be warned: It just may prompt a middle of the night phone call to one’s own sister. In ‘Till Death Do Us Part’, two sisters attend their perfect brother’s wedding. Castillo’s characters are hilarious, touching and real all at the same time.”
— Romantic Times BOOKclub