switchcraft_215A contemporary romantic comedy selected by Book Pinning as a “Book Worth Reading!”

There’s a reason why shoes don’t come in one-size-fits all!

Best friends since back in the day, Aggie and Nely are as different as two women could possibly be. Aggie’s slim and stylish, owns an upscale boutique and a long history of no-strings relationships. Nely has a busy baby, a metiche mother-in-law, and some extra post-pregnancy pounds she can’t quite shed. And when they take a trip to a New Age spa, each friend finds herself wishing just a little that she had the other one’s life.

Big mistake!

Thanks to the metaphysical meddling of a somewhat grumpy guru, Nely is now Aggie and Aggie is Nely–switching bodies, love lives, families, closets…everything! The grass may not be quite as green as the other originally appeared. As luck has it, they’ll be stuck this way until the next full moon! And with a husband, his very suspicious mama, a temperamental tot, a business on the brink of disaster, and a sort-of boyfriend–not to mention a sleazy stalker–thrown into the mix, Aggie and Nely suddenly find they’re not just walking in each other’s shoes … they’re running!

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Readers Weigh In

“I found myself chuckling at the agonizing situations and then realized that author Castillo had me in the palm of her hand. Castillo’s fresh wit entertained me from beginning to end.”
— RomanceJunkies.com

“This book is a fun love letter to all women and the bond of sisterhood that is best friends.”
— Parkersburg News and Sentinel

“Unlike other body swap stories … Mary Castillo’s new novel, Switchcraft is fresh, mesmerizing, and unmatched in what could have been a very derivative story in the genre.”
— Midwest Book Review

“Castillo’s effervescent style and likable characters sweeten the deal.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“I enjoyed the twists and turns down to the last page!”
–Ana A.

“Intriguing, fascinating tale which allows us to discover how self-insight can lead to beneficial life changes! I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”
–Barbara K.