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Today, The Divine Marriage: God’s Design for a Rewarding and Fulfilling Relationship by Jessica Rothmeyer, Ph.D. is now available on Audible.

Marriages everywhere are in trouble. Schedules are more hectic, families are complicated, and daily life is lived at a fast-forward pace. How can couples maintain the sanctity of their marriage while holding onto their emotional connection and overall satisfaction with one another?

The Divine Marriage offers both wisdom and practical suggestions on how to live out a biblical marriage – one that is honoring to God and more fulfilling than most couples ever dreamed was possible.

Having a better understanding of your God-given instincts as a man or a woman will lead you to a deeper spiritual awareness for yourself and your partner. These practical skills and step-by-step instructions will lead to increased intimacy, forgiveness, and restored affection for one another. As you are able to demonstrate these vital biblical truths within your relationship, you will surely inspire your family, friends, and even your children as they see all the miraculous changes in your marriage.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. 

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Mary & Friends to Share Writing Groups at Boca de Oro Literary Festival

If you’re an emerging writer and author, the most important step – other than writing your books! – is to join a supportive writer’s group. I’ll be representing the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America and I gathered up some amazing women who lead just a few of Orange County’s most dynamic writing and author groups and organizations. Meet Deanna Cameron, Maddie Margarita and Barbara de Marco Barrett March 7 from 2-3 p.m.

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Have you ever had a story idea rattling around in your head and then all of a sudden, the scene just comes to life? Its happened to me twice. ? When I saw the ACX  Challenge to write and/or narrate a scene in which a bell ? is a character, I sat down and wrote a scene. Here’s the narrated version and I’m fired up to find out what happens next.

Enjoy Hells Belles, an original scene of what I plan to to turn into a paranormal cozy mystery. ?


Coffee the lifeblood of tired men

Day 2 of the 30 Day Audio Meme Challenge comes with a quote from Raymond Chandler.


Fun fact about today’s audio meme: you know how I grew up in a haunted house? Well, mom and I found the burial site. Our resident spirit and her husband are buried in the same cemetery where one of my favorite authors, Raymond Chandler rests with his wife! True Story. Just ask my mom!

“The event which compels me into this book”

New audiobook on au

New audiobook dropped on Audible!

Undiscovered Country: A Spiritual Adventure by Kathryn Hulme – Narrated by Mary Castillo

A chance encounter with a spiritual master in a Paris cafe, radically changed the trajectory of the life of author Kathryn Hulme.

Best-selling author, world traveler, humanitarian and spiritual seeker, Hulme lived and loved with a courage that defied the age. Long out of print and forgotten, her memoir is now available in audio, print and ebook.

Undiscovered Country is a tribute to Gurdjieff and his teachings, a vivid personal memoir of her experience as his student, and of the burning spiritual intensity that dominated her life as a result of his unflinching guidance and fatherly love.

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She did it!

Everyone knows Frankie Franklin pulled the trigger. But was it a movie set prank gone awry, or cold-blooded murder? Listen to this madcap cozy mystery as Frankie stops a killer.

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