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The Seven Unhealthy Habits of Unsuccessful Writers

follow url I shouldn’t be posting this because you’re probably going to think, “Who does she think she is?” Well, it all started when I was taking a break from revisions and came up with the following list based on some of the bad habits I’ve had to undo (yes, me), and the habits I’ve observed in others.

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go So before you hate me, hear me out okay?

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dove acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Napoli levitra and women The Seven Unhealthy Habits of Unsuccessful Writers go here 1. Wrote to get published when I should’ve written to uncover my voice source url 2. Spent more time talking about writing than actually writing 3. Believed my own excuses as to why I never had time to write 4. Needed the approval of others whether it was a contest judge, a “get-published-quick” seminar or a critique partner
5. Said “if I finish a book” instead of “when I finish the book”
6. Couldn’t keep my behind in the chair, or worse, played online Mah-jong for “inspiration”
7. Gave up too early

free viagra samples What bad habits have you had to undo, or are in the process of un-doing?