Undiscovered Country A Spiritual Adventure

Undiscovered Country: A Spiritual Adventure
By Kathryn C. Hulme

Narrated by Mary Castillo

“The event which compels me into this book was my meeting with the celebrated mystic, teacher, and philosopher, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, whom I encountered as if by chance and came to love as if by design.”

Kathryn Hulme’s life was radically changed and enriched by the influence of Gurdjieff. Undiscovered Country is a tribute to him and his teachings, a vivid personal memoir of her experience as his student, and of the burning spiritual intensity that dominated her life as a result of his influence.

“This is a ‘must’ for all interested in Gurdjieff and his school, and strongly recommended for all who are concerned in the Pilgrimage of the Soul. It gives the best intimate picture I know of what it meant to be a ‘follower of Gurdjieff’s ideas’.” (J. G. Bennett)

“A picture of the relation between a teacher and his pupil…the way he opens her to a wider world through a relation which touches the whole of one’s being.” (Jeanne de Salzmann)

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