Bringing Hollywood’s Golden Age to life in Stardusted

New audiobook narrated by Mary!

From the back cover of Stardusted:

Meet Frankie Franklin, “America’s Kid Sister,” one of the brightest stars in 1930s Hollywood. Onscreen she’s clever and brave, and always bests the bad guys. But now Frankie is confronted with a real-life mystery and real-life peril, after a young actor is shot and almost dies on the set of her latest film. How did it happen? And are there lives still in danger? Though her studio wants to sweep it all under the rug and move on, Frankie is driven to find out what happened, and with good reason: She was the one who pulled the trigger.

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New audiobook coming to Audible

I’m thrilled to have narrated + produced Rye’s Reprieve  by Louella Nelson!

As the narrator, I got to experience the wilds of Montana circa 1886. Here’s the description from the back cover and a sneak peek of what’s coming soon to Audible.

In 1886, gifted surgeon Rye Rawlins is trapped by a tragic secret so painful that he denies his profession and buries himself in a gold mine in Montana Territory. But saving people is second nature, whether it’s doctoring a man mauled by a mountain lion or battling a wolf to save a child. Veterinarian and horse rancher Missouri Harper suffers through the worst winter in Montana history to provide for three beautiful sisters and an ailing aunt. Dangerous storms, privation, and wild predators make survival precarious.
Rye comes to Missouri’s aid, putting his life in danger and Missouri in his debt. As they fall in love, his secret and her promise to remain a spinster to protect the land for her family force them to look within to discover the cost of love.
Rye’s Reprieve was originally published as a Montana Sky Kindle World book.
Listen to the excerpt:


Switchcraft on sale!

Switchcraft is on sale for $0.99!

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There’s a reason why shoes don’t come in one-size-fits all!

Best friends since back in the day, Aggie and Nely are as different as two women could possibly be. Aggie’s slim and stylish, owns an upscale boutique and a long history of no-strings relationships. Nely has a busy baby, a metiche mother-in-law, and some extra post-pregnancy pounds she can’t quite shed. And when they take a trip to a New Age spa, each friend finds herself wishing just a little that she had the other one’s life.

Big mistake!

Thanks to the metaphysical meddling of a somewhat grumpy guru, Nely is now Aggie and Aggie is Nely–switching bodies, love lives, families, closets…everything! The grass may not be quite as green as the other originally appeared. As luck has it, they’ll be stuck this way until the next full moon! And with a husband, his very suspicious mama, a temperamental tot, a business on the brink of disaster, and a sort-of boyfriend–not to mention a sleazy stalker–thrown into the mix, Aggie and Nely suddenly find they’re not just walking in each other’s shoes … they’re running!

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Audible Subscription Giveaway

2019 was a year of drastic change for me and my family. Long story short, we moved from Orange County to the So Cal wine country. I finished the fourth Dori O. paranormal mystery, narrated Lost in Whispers, and started a cozy mystery inspired by some of you who asked if I’d ever go back to writing romantic comedies. Now I just have to polish ’em up and publish! (Trust me, I’m working on it.)

Also, a new career has opened up to me as an audiobook narrator and producer and voice artist. With very little formal training and a day before the deadline, I  auditioned for and finaled in the SOVAS Audition Spotlight. A month later, my fellow authors Louella Nelson and Deb McCaskey commissioned me to produce and narrate their Audible titles! As soon as they are available, I’ll let you know.

To celebrate, I’m taking part in an Audible Subscription Giveaway. If you’re new to audiobooks and want to try them, enter the giveaway for a three-month subscription to Audible. I’ve been an Audible subscriber for five years and I listen to my favorite authors and narrators while knitting, walking, gardening, cleaning, driving or savoring a hot coffee in my back patio.

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By the way, has anyone read Simone St. James’ new paranormal thriller, The Sun Down Motel? I can’t wait! I once got creeped out reading her novel, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, in broad daylight at The CAMP in Costa Mesa!

Keep it spooky.


W.D. Dickinson Farm & Mercantile Holiday Pop-Up Market

events, books, pop-up markets

W.D. Dickinson Farm & Mercantile Holiday Pop-Up Market

Saturday, December 14, 2019, 12-4 p.m.

Slow down this holiday season with a soul-filling, stocking-stuffing afternoon at W.D. Dickinson. A pop-up holiday market rooted in the tactile richness of handmade goods, music and connection with the makers.
• 15 local artists and makers
• High-quality handmade goods
• Learn as you shop with in-booth classes
• Music and lounge areas

Reading Around

Mysteries + Romance + Audiobooks for the week of Sept 10, 2019

If you’re like me, you’re reading an ebook, a print book and an audiobook (or two). And let’s not get into podcasts because I’ve happily fallen into that rabbit hole, too.

Or, you don’t and you’re wondering how my head hasn’t exploded.

Below are my current reads with links if you’re interested in adding them to your TBR (To Be Read) list/pile/queue.

Cozy Mystery – Kindle

Death Overdue: A Haunted Library Mystery by Allison Brook

All the feel good coziness you want in a fall themed cozy mystery, plus a one-ghost rating for spookiness.

Historical Mystery – Kindle Unlimited Audible

Relative Fortunes: A Julia Kydd Novel, Book 1 by Marlowe Benn; Narrated by Sarah Zimmerman

At first I had a tough time getting behind this 1920s-era amateur sleuth. She’s motivated by financial gain to solve the suicide or murder of a suffragette. The more she understands the plight of the woman on the front lines to secure the 19th Amendment, the more she realizes that without her privilege, she is just as vulnerable as the next woman.

Red Herring: True Crime Audible

Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker; Narrated by Sean Pratt

I’m listening to this in bits and bites. It’s hard to listen to one downfall story after the next. But strangely compelling. I’ll keep you posted.

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The dead are waiting

What readers are saying about the Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series:

Book One: Lost in the Light

★★★★ “Full of mystery, emotion, and a plot that keeps the readers on their toes, I couldn’t peel my eyes away.”
★★★★ “This book captivated me. One of my favorite mystery reads of the year, and one to get your to-read list!”

Amazon & Audible
Barnes & Noble

Book Two: Girl in the Mist (novella)

★★★★ “I loved the ghost aspect of the story…well thought out and shocking!”
★★★★ “…the emotional power kicks in, along with a mystery that held me spellbound.”

Amazon & Audible
Barnes & Noble

Book Three: Lost in Whispers

★★★★“The best book in the series so far!”
★★★★“An eerie, absorbing journey.”
★★★★“I could hardly put it down after starting it. Love the strong badass women characters. This book had it all; romance, action, & paranormal activity. Can’t wait to see what Dori does next!”
Barnes & Noble

Getting organized

I’m putting together a Dori O. Read Along and a Beta Reader & Listener Tribe.

If you’re like to do a read along of the Dori O. series, please sign up here and we’ll coordinate dates and times and places and all that stuff to make it fun!

If you love getting first, never-before-seen copies of my new books and/or audiobooks, please sign up for my Beta Tribe. (We need to come up with a better name but we’ll get to that later!) As a beta reader/listener, you’ll help me out by leaving reviews, taking some cool Facebook and/or Bookstagram pics and sharing with the world why you love the books.

Thanks for making it all happen! Without readers, these books would just linger in the ether. And that’s not very fun!

Mary at Wondercon 2019

This is my very first Wonder Con signing and if you’re planning to be there, come say hi!

I’ll be in the Broad Universe Booth #902 signing at 10 a.m. on Saturday March 30th. If you’re not an early riser, I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday managing the booth. I can’t wait to chat with you and sign special edition print copies of Lost in Whispers + Girl in the Mist and Lost in Whispers.

Here’s our booth line-up so you can stock up your TBR pile!

  • D.D. Croix writes YA fantasy set in Queen Victoria’s court about a misfit maid with a magical pet dragonfly. Sort of HARRY POTTER x DOWNTON ABBEY
  • Angela Shelley writes middle-grade fantasy featuring a necromancer girl sent on a quest by an artifact-hunting wizard where she must learn magic to battle an undead sorcerer, monsters, pirates, massive storms, and zombie chickens.
  • Jennifer Lynn Wines wrote a young adult paranormal mystery feature a teenage girl who must solve a century old murder.
  • Paranormal romance author and self-proclaimed “Smut Mongering Minx” Cynthia Diamond offers stories full of humor and adventure featuring strong women, passionate men, and worlds where consent is always sexy.
  • Join paranormal and sci-fi romance author Tessa McFionn and discover worlds where heroes do exist, heroines are quite capable of rescuing themselves, and where love truly conquers all. Time to believe in magic.
  • Eddie Louise writes Steampunk mad science. Think Frankenstein meets Quantum Leap.
  • Zenobia Neil writes about the mythic past and Greek and Roman gods having too much fun.


From the research notes

Finding the stories of the women and nurses who were at Pearl Harbor in 1941 happened when I least expected to find them. Here’s one that I found thanks to a late night Google search and the San Diego Union-Tribune!

Army nurse recalls attack on Pearl Harbor

ERICA WARREN – Staff Writer
December 6, 2003

FALLBROOK — A little more than six decades ago, U.S. Army Nurse Corps 2nd Lt. Harriet Moore and two friends weighed the option of being stationed for two years in the Philippines or two years at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

The decision was easy, and on Nov. 9, 1941, the 22-year-old Moore arrived for duty as a registered nurse assigned to the maternity ward at Tripler General Hospital near Hickam Field in Hawaii.

“We thought we were having a two-year (holiday-style) tour of duty at taxpayer expense,” Harriet Moore Holmes, now 84, said Tuesday in an interview at her Fallbrook home. “We were looking forward to it immensely.”

Less than a month later, on Dec. 7, notions of a leisurely tour of duty were gone and Holmes and her friends’ lives were forever changed.

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